Mayan Communications at your service

Click here, we are fully licensed to operate as a service provider in Cyprus.

4 Mbps Download and 512 Kb Upload unlimited bandwith - 30 Euros per month

Purchase an antenna and a router from the local market and connect to our network. No contract, pay as you go, and no need for a phone line.

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Other services:

Hotspot systems

We have several other offers to fit your needs. For apartment complexes, hotels, villas, recreation centers, resturants, and other facilites, we can offer a hotspot syA Hotspot system we can create a captive portal / login screen that users are redirected to for authentication and payment. Hotspot services work best for visitors who intend to stay for a short period.

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For voip systems, we offer you competitive rates for national and international calling destinations. You can choose an incoming number from over 70 locations worldwide. For example, you run a property management whereas your offices are in Cyprus and clients are in UK, Germany, and Netherlands. We are able to install incoming numbers for those locations in your offices here in Cyprus. An added service so clients feel at ease contacting you through calling a local number. Futhermore, this can give you global presence and it is extremely cost affective.

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