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Extremely low rates calling international destinations of your choice and premium voice quality.

DID (Direct inward dialling) or virtual numbers. Choose a number from 70 locations worldwide. Let's say you reside in Cyprus and need a landline number in UK installed in Cyprus. This can be done so your business partners, clients, and family can contact you through local call. When you dial out, you pay extreme low rates to selected destinations.

Call Forwarding: Explains itself! Choose a number from 70 locations worldwide. This number will forward to your mobile number.


Calling Card Platform:

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Dial our toll free 80077310 and you will be connected to many destinations worldwide. Talk talk for 2 Euros, excellent voice quality.


Web Design & SEO:

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Complete web design solution with search engine optimisation, articles, back links, pay per click, you name it! Hosting services starting @ 2.16 Euros/mo.


Hardware Repair & Service:

Don't throw your motherboard! Our Russian engineer is a genius when it comes to hardware repair. He can revive almost any broken laptop or desktop plus his rates are extremely cheap.


Penetration Testing:

Web based - IP

DDOS Attack

Sniff Scan Spoof (ssh)

Network vulnerability

Brute Force Attacks

Mail servers

Potential access

Identity Theft


IPTV Platforms:

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